Monday, July 21, 2014

So who's way over due for a blog post? This guy. I know.

Ever since I got the edits back for Dreampire, I've been hard at it. Lots going on in the "real world," too, and it has kept me going nonstop.

10 days to hit my target for publication. It'll be tight. Right now I'd say getting it done by the 31st is a definite maybe. Best I can do.

On a positive note, I did have a really good time on Saturday night playing music with the guys. We started in on "Jesus of Suburbia" by Green Day, which is kind of an ambitious song. Not a lot of really difficult stuff in there, but that's the magic of Green Day if you ask me: they take really simple riffs and play them so clean and perfect, it comes out sounding amazing. Plus the song is over nine minutes long. Lots to learn. But a FUN addition to the playlist.

Inventory for 12 stores, two ad layouts, a sales analysis, and then I'll be back at it. I know many of you are waiting for Dreampire, and I will absolutely strive to get it out as soon as I'm able.

Thanks for reading!

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