Monday, July 28, 2014

Ever had poison ivy on your fingers? Between your fingers? It sucks!

I woke up a couple mornings ago with one swollen eyelid thinking I had pink eye. And even though the doctor thought so, too--nope. Poison ivy. Dammit. LOL. I should've known... not-so-coincidentally, it was the morning after I'd weed-eated the yard.

So Dreampire is out and I'm already focusing hard on the next project. It's the one I mentioned toward the end of June, Shimmer, the first book in a new series that fits the same genre as the Watchers novels, but has a completely separate story line. So far it's been going well, so well in fact that it feels like the book is writing itself.

For any of you wondering why I'm not diving straight into the next Watchers novel, I promise I'll be doing that right after I write Shimmer. I feel like I need some time to flesh out the plot a little more. Dreampire was good, but it has introduced new characters, new concepts, new relationships... I want to be sure I use everything in my arsenal, and I want to use it well.

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