Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another Night When I Should be Writing a Chapter... Not a Blog Post

"The Book That Never Ends..."

That should be the title of my current project, not Shimmer. I have re-written the first 17 chapters (twice), I have removed the final 5 chapters, replaced them with new ones, removed them again, and then replaced again--AND I've added an additional 5 chapters specifically giving the back-story on a supporting character that I never intended to include. The thing is already longer than my last 4 books. By the time I send the rough off to my editor I'm sure it will be longer by far than anything I've ever written, and if I know her as well as I think I do she'll challenge me to add more when I work through the first edits.

I'm sure just about every author who has written multiple titles can relate to it when I say, "This is the book I will always hate." So I'm really hoping it's the one everyone else likes. At least it'll make it worth the effort!

Went to see 50 Shades with the wife today, a movie I swore I would never watch. It was pretty bad, but maybe not Twilight bad. The acting was more or less on track and although I keep hearing everyone say the guy who was casted as Christian Grey was miscast, I can't say I agree. He has just the right level of weird to make him believable in the part. Anyway... check that one off the bucket list. Not that it was ever on there.

With any luck, Shimmer should be out and available by June. After that, I'm still deciding whether I'll write the next installment of the Watchers series or begin on a post-apocalyptic series I have outlined. Both sound just as appealing, especially after slogging through The Book That Never Ends.

The site at is going like gangbusters. Couldn't be happier. If you have chance, head on over to it and join our mailing list. You can find a ton of GREAT books there every single day.

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